Please have a read of these testimonials, like everything on this website they are probabaly not what you are expecting. After all, being autistic is really just about seeing things from a different perspective. I always decline a testimonial from the person who paid me to talk, the most important people are those listening.


WOW!!! – if you ever need to be woken up, inspired and amazed then book this guy. He blew us away, he did make us all cry, yes all 400 of us, he then made us laugh even harder, he made us get to our feet and shout for him. 


I haven’t cried and laughed like that in 40 years. This is a lesson in how never to give up and fight for your life. I feel very humbled and privileged to have listened to William.


I thought this would be another hyped talk that leaves you as soon as you leave the room. I left the room 20 months ago and I feel the inspiration I felt that day every day when I think of William.


I used to think my life was hard, I’m an idiot. William with his autism has proven that no matter what cards you are dealt you can move forward. Listening to William has made me a better colleague at work, a better wife to my husband, a better mum to my 3 kids and a better friend to whoever needs help. Just listen to him and you will see for yourself.


Willam’s story was heart breaking. However, through courage and pure grit he fought back. I will never forget what I heard today, he’s made of the same stuff my grandad was made of, my grandad flew in the war and gave his life.


Fear is something I never thought I would see. I listened to William today and I saw the fear he had to face when he was just 6 years old and I was petrified. This story will never leave me and neither will the moment I shook his hand.


Today William told us a story. In parts it was hard to listen to because it was so emotional which made us all get upset. He gritted his teeth and carried on just like he has in his life. If we could bottle his courage, passion and determination and give it to people that need it most abusers would be too scared to continue their evil behaviour. Go William!


Meeting William has moved my perspective on life and how I will be with others. The pain he had to endure, the courage he had to show, the pure focus just to survive is mind blowing and I will never forget him.


The most brutal and honest motivational speaker I have ever listened to. Most speakers tell us all what we should be doing, William just told us what he has already done. Today I made a choice, today I will start fighting.


We have all watched the Avengers super hero films. Today I met someone far more powerful than all of them. Self-belief defines William and he has shown that even when you are ready to die if you can get back up you can win. This has been one of those days when the world has to sit up and listen, today was Williams day.


If you think you have had it bad, pay the money and listen to William. Today I watched over 500 men and women, cry, laugh and then cheer! William said and I quote, ‘you can put your socks on’, go and listen to him, that phrase means everything, incredible, just incredible.


The last time I felt like I did today was the birth of my daughter. I will never be able to comprehend the pain William went through at such a young age. We should all stand together and wipe out abuse, abusers beware we are all looking for you!


I will never be afraid to try anything ever again. William, you are a diamond in the rough that will sparkle forever. You showed me today that no matter what goes wrong there is always a way forward. I want to thank you for helping me, today I walked in and sat down quite grumpy. When I left I ran out and called my dad, we hadn’t spoken in 15 years.


I have never listened to anyone that speaks with so much passion and honesty. I cried a lot during the speech, I dried my tears then laughed, then I got to my feet, clapped and cheered, truly inspirational.


Bravery comes in so many different forms. Soldiers we send abroad come back broken and fight their way back to normality. I listened to William today and he’s been at war for 42 years, on his own. The battles we face every day are just as hard as the ones we win in other countries. William is a warrior and an exceptional individual who fights, not for his country, not for his religion but for the right to live a safe life. William, you are an inspiration to us all, fight on and be proud.


I had to write to you William. I was abused as a child and never told anyone, you are the first I’m telling now. I am going to the police station tomorrow to tell them what happened. Your strength is now my best friend, thank you.


I woke this morning and really wasn’t looking forward to hearing another motivational speaker. I was so wrong. I listened to a story today that brought me to tears and made me feel so overwhelmed it hurt. It proves that sometimes we just have to listen in order to learn. William struggles still today but shares his courage to help others, a brave man, a lovely dad and I bet a brilliant grandad.


William, what can I say that others haven’t already said? Your life is a statement to all those who stop trying. I think you have proven that hero’s come in all shapes and sizes and you never know when you are sitting next to one. You looked the devil in the face and in your words, told him to go fuck himself, good for you William.


One day I hope to meet William again. People like him should be shared so I will wait for my time. William you are brave beyond belief and stronger than a hundred men. You deserve every accolade you are given, the fight in you, the passion in you, the strength in you makes us all proud to be alive. If you ever need a shoulder, then mine is here for you.


William started to talk and the room went silent until we all started to cry. I have never experienced anything like I did today. When someone bears their very soul it’s hard not to get emotional. William took us on a journey today and it’s a trip that will stay with me forever. 


I must have heard at least 20 motivational speakers over the years. Today I listened to the only one that matters. William shared his story and it shook the very foundations of every soul in the room. Some say if god gives you lemons make lemonade, God gave William nothing and he fought back. The strength of one little boy showed us all today that fighting for what’s right, will always be right.


William shared his heart and soul today in front of 750 people. I have never been so touched in my life. When a man stands up and shares his story with such passion and emotion to help others he’s standing up for humanity. I was not only inspired by William but I feel privileged to be able to say I’m proud of him.

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